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can't install checker plus for gmail

edited November 2013 in General
hey jason,
been trying to install this in chrome version 21.0.1180.89, on Mac OS X version 10.6.8, and i keep getting this error pop-up: An error has occurred There was a problem adding the item to Chrome. Please refresh the page and try again.
refreshing and even rebooting have not helped. but i am able to install other stuff... any idea what i can do to get this baby installed? thanks!


  • Yes, you have an extremely old version of Chrome, the current version is 30! download or update the lastest version and it should be smooth sailing.
  • wow. mac OS X and chrome have update issues, apparently....anyway, got to a workaround and was able to update chrome finally, and just got your checker installed!
    thanks for the response, smooth sailing indeed!
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