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Requested Entity not found

Just done a clean install on a laptop and use firefox, whenever l mark emails as unread from the plugin l get the error "Entity Not Found", its only when marking emails as unread.


  • Can you try switching detection methods: https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Account_sign_in_methods

  • I'm using the manual sign in rather than auto detect already, just confused as to why just the "Mark unread" option is the only one that doesn't work on a clean install.

  • Could also be related to the label you are monitoring.

    I'm curious if reverting back to the auto-detect resolves the issue then.

  • Nope makes no difference, I have several accounts I monitor and while the issue affects all my accounts it also affects one that doesn't use any type of labelling.

  • Has this issue always existed?

    I haven't been able to replicated it on Firefox. Have you tried with Chrome?

  • Doesn't affect chrome, just Firefox.

    On issues on my gaming laptop and this is a clean install.

  • Interesting, and you have the exact same extension options set between both browsers?

    and the same gmail accounts signed in?

  • Indeed. I do have firefox sync turned on which dragged some information over, just had to login again, however my gaming laptop never had any issues with that.

  • edited January 4

    Can you send me the error logs after you receive this error again:

    oops, you might have to use different instructions for firefox like developer console etc.

  • where are the logs stored on Firefox l cant find them, lve found the console but l cant locate anything in there when l create the error.

  • You might have to search for the word 'entity' for example if there are lot of other logs.

  • l think l fixed it somehow, l havent beeen able to recreate the issue since reallowing all my addresses via the add dialogues.

    when l transferred to this laptop, logging into Firefox sync which did bring over allot of my personal settings. you plugin did include my email address settings showing my previously added emails but l did have to login, lve since went through the add account process a second time (though since the emails were already logged in it was more just going through the allow access dialogues) and so far things seems to be normal again.

  • definitely seems like things have fixed themselves after l did the above a second time.

    however l do have a question, somewhat of an intermittent annoyance rather than a full blown issue. sometimes when l load up my browser messages duplicate themselves within the addon, it generally fixes itself after a browser restart, just wondering why it does that as it happens on both of my laptops.

  • Can you send me a screenshot of this next time?

    and try using the refresh button when it happens.

    if that doesn't work try double clicking the refresh button.

    let me know how it goes.

  • l'll try and catch it when it happens, usually notice it once a week though it doesnt detract from use its just a random glitch of sorts it seems.

  • took a little while for it to happen (blacked out personal details), while the correct amount of emails are showing its showing every email twice so while in reality there is 5 emails in truth its showing 10 emails which just the 5 duplicated if that makes sense.

  • So this duplication is very intermittent issue?

    If you switch to auto-detect does this duplication issue get resolved? (we previously spoke about the entity not found error)

    but now i'm trying to understand the duplicate issue.

  • indeed its an intermittent issue, l'll load up my browser sometimes to find the issue for that session (seems logging in again fixed my previous error for some reason, or at least going through the process to re-allow access) but this issue while lve experienced for quite a while, its an issue l can live with as it doesnt detract from usage just more of an annoying glitch, though in respects to auto-detect l stuck with the add accounts option as l had issues with auto-detect staying signed in, l was constantly loosing connection so staying signed in via the non-auto detect option has served me better, the duplication issue has always happened on occasion between this and my other laptop (dont use my gaming one enough to notice).

  • Hijack: I get this same error constantly, though intermittently. Signing in and out of chrome or google accounts does nothing. Maddening. If I can find a better mail checker, I am about to drop this shit. Annoying as hell. Cannot mark mails as read.

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