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Primary label not showing new mails..

Hi, I am a big fan of you.. I love all your extensions, Thanks for making them free and let us use it!

I have a problem with Checker Plus for Gmail, After setting gmail label to only Primary, it shows me the unread emails of primary category but it does not update after that.. the count never increases. Please help me on this.


  • Can you try switching detection methods and see if that makes a difference:


  • Hi, thanks for the reply.

    I was using manual login, just switched to auto-detect after marking all my mails as read.. Will update the discussion after testing in a while.

  • edited January 5

    No luck after switching to auto-detect... Still not showing new mails... @Jason

  • Are you sure the emails emails belong to the primary category when you receive, there is this weird thingy with gmail: https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Hiding_Gmail_tabs

  • Yes they belong to the primary category.

  • Do the new emails appear in the popup window when clicking the checker icon in the toolbar?

    Is it a polling issue, if you click the refresh button do they appear, or even try double clicking the refresh button.

  • Ok this weird thing happened...

    So i received email of your comment but i didn't received all these previous emails

  • So I noticed you hid the Updates and Forums tabs in your gmail,

    can you try monitoring those labels in the extension accounts/labels options.

  • Done. Enabled Updates and Forums tab in the extension.. So according to your post https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Hiding_Gmail_tabs Now i would only receive my primary mails only even though i have 3 labels enabled in the extension's options?

  • Ohh Thanks!! Its fixed now i can see every mail... I understood now... Gmail categorizes Primary as (forums+updates+primary) i guess.. Anyway thanks a lot! You are the best developer!! Thanks for helping me so quick!!

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