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Dark Modes

While I'm aware the paid versions do have some theming support, they (1) are a tad finnicky (2) don't affect the Options section.

I'm photosensitive and I also work in graphic design, so dark modes help significantly without having to muddy my monitor's color fidelity.

I have already donated so I don't mind this being a paid feature.


  • Correct there are about 8 dark themes to choose from https://jasonsavard.com/skins

    However none of the skins are meant to interact with the option page, only the popup window.

    Do you want a specific dark theme for the options page also?

  • I always get really inconsistent coloration when theming the popup windows, sadly. I could certainly try again, maybe some of the options have been updated.

    But to answer your question, yes. I can never stand to look through the options for long because there is no dark mode for them.

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