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Email messages getting mixed-together

I clicked on the second email in the inbox from Amazon, and see this below. Notice that the title from one email has a message from an unrelated email/different sender, then the email that belongs to the title is being shown as a reply to the wrong message. This is only one example. My email is Google Workspace (formerly G-Suite). The plug-in is 22.3.1 for Edge 87.0.664.66


  • I'm wondering if this a grouped conversation issue with Gmail or my extension.

    What is your setting set to https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Conversation_View_issue

  • My accounts were added automatically, so I didn't have an opportunity to change the setting.

    I just changed the accounts from automatic, then manually added one of my accounts and turned that feature off. I'll see if it makes a difference. In my "Google Workspace" email settings, I have "Conversation view" enabled.

  • I found how to duplicate the problem 100% of the time:

    1. Click on an unread email.
    2. While the progress bar is moving from left to right, click the down-arrow to read the next email
    3. Wait for the message to display - the original email you clicked will be displayed, and the new email will be displayed as-though it is a reply.

    I think this is becoming more prevalent for me lately. The plug-in has slowed considerably. I get impatient waiting sometimes up-to 10 seconds for the message to load, after waiting a long time just for the plug-in to show the initial drop-down. It is faster right now for me to just go to Gmail to manage my email. I understand that the slowness is not likely related to this issue I am reporting. It just helps to reveal it.

  • edited January 4

    Ah very good, I'll be able to look for a solution to the duplicate issue, thank you.

    But let's tackle the slowness issue, can you refer to this thread and see if something helps for that: https://jasonsavard.com/forum/discussion/6104/slow-popup-window

  • Removing and reinstalling has solved the slowness issue.

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