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Notification Zoomed too micro size

I've got a new laptop with a mousepad that has all kinds of new 'features and functions' with crazy multitap/multi-finger functionality.

Somehow, while I was "accidentally making the screen go nuts" because I had 1 too many fingers on the mouse pad, I got a notification and it all of a sudden zoomed down to 'micro sized'.

How can I get them back to normal size? Check out the image.



  • Hmm that's a 1st for me, notifications are generally more under the control of the OS so you might want to google around for this.

    Here's the only zoom resolution I have: https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Zoom

  • Thank you Jason... I've looked at the options for the extension and can't locate the Zoom setting you reference. I've searched the settings as well and don't see a zoom result.

  • The zoom is not in my options, but within the Chrome settings for the options page, but if you don't see this zoom magnifying glass then it's probably not the resolution.

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