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How Can I cancel my monthly - contribution

Hello. This is Sooho Choi. I did contribute to your amazing applications for monthly.

However, I do not need to get all the applications you service. So, I want to stop my contribution.

And I want to use just a calendar.

How can I do that?


  • Ok I have cancelled your subscription. You can continue using the calendar extension with the extra features.

  • Hi Jason, I am trying to cancel too. While you provide options to cancel on Paypal and stripe, I see no link to cancel a credit card autopay. Could you explain how this should be done, or even better, just unsubscribe me? TIA


  • edited December 2020

    @Giacomo Valentini I have cancelled your subscription. Note that any subscription must go through one of those 2 payments system, regardless which kind of card. In this case your credit card was handled by Stripe. So you could have used those instructions to cancel it. I will refine the instructions to avoid ambiguity for future users, thanks.

  • Thank you for your kindness and effort. Happy new year, have a nice day

  • Hi Jason, I would like to cancel my monthly contribution too. Many thanks!

  • @Joey Lo I have cancelled your subscription. For anyone else who would like to do the same you can refer to this https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Cancel_Subscriptions

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