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Please dont remove the homepage or the Checker Plus apps

I use it every day when i start my pc i check all my mails, calender and the new files in gdrive.


  • I agree. I just contributed $ to get GMail checker full features and now it may not be on my home page?

  • edited December 2020

  • i use this every day :)

  • I use the home page pretty frequently with the calendar and gmail widget. Though it is isn't essential for my workflow. I'd rather not see it go.

    I don't care about the Drive widget personally - it caused the load to be too long anyway.

    Would be curious to know why you might be killing it? Is it a cost issue or some other tradeoff that needs to be considered?

  • It could be customizable, as Brian said he doesn't need the drive feature. I use google drive a lot though, could be a nice compromise.

    And I'm curious too, why are you thinking of removing it?

  • I'm always trying new things and this experiment was fun, but it isn't popular enough for me to split my time supporting amongst my 5 more popular products/extensions.

    @Mike Barbas Please note my extension are always accessible with one click from the Chrome toolbar, if not you can pin them there: https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Pin_extension_to_menu_bar

    @Brian Barr Essentially the tradeoff is my time better spent enhancing the extensions then simply trying to display them on a homepage which has not proved popular. I myself don't use it as a homepage lol. I may keep just the homepage without widgets so I can share it among different devices.

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