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Issues with Right Click shortcut option to move event to a later date

when i right click and move an event to a later date i am unable to see my event name. Instead its shows me "checker plus for google calender" .. how can this be resolved??


  • Can you send me a screenshot of this right click context? Because my extension does not have the option to right click an event.

    The only right click option is create an event from a webpage, which is probably what you are describing, more info https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Add_the_current_browser_tab_to_your_calendar

  • Thanks Jason. It will be very helpful to move the event from inside the calendar too with a right click option. I use All Day events for my tasks and specially when i want to move things to next week i have to change the view option and then drag which is time consuming. Hopefully you can look into it.

    Other than that .. I love the features and i am already telling my colleagues to subscribe. A big thank you for developing this extension, truly appreciate your work.

  • For eg. I right clicked on Test and clicked on Fri,Nov 13 and this is how it gets copied.

  • To move an event I would recommend left clicking the event and clicking the pencil icon to modify it, then simply change the event dates to the new date.

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