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Notification when getting an invite?

Hello — I've been experiencing the bug in GMail/GCal that when someone sends me an invite, I don't receive an email or any notification. The event will show up on my calendar, I just don't know it's there. I've done a lot of searching and changed a lot of settings, but I'm still not getting any notice (this seems to be a widespread issue). Is it possible to get this extension to give me a popup for new invites? I'm really hoping to get around Google's bug with an extension like this.


  • I would rather have us open or follow a ticket with the Google Calendar team to resolve the root cause. Have you found their support and a specific thread with this issue, can you link back to it here so I can follow it also.

  • Sure, the longest one I've found is here:


    There are two major solutions suggested in here, and the settings they tell you to change were both already activated for me, so I'm still out of luck.

  • Also, I just realized my first post could be taken as me asking for a new feature — sorry, I was just asking if it existed already and I just wasn't seeing where to turn it on.

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