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FAQ / Wiki nonfunctional, website annoyance

edited November 2013 in General
The FAQ doesn't seem to work at all, all I get is what's shown in the attached screenshot. I've tried changing encodings, because that looks like the problem, but none of the obvious ones worked. I'm running Chrome Dev, but I've replicated the issue on my iPad.

As to my use of Chrome Dev, while I understand that you don't want bug reports about your extensions on it, I found it difficult to submit this one because the bar prevented me from sending any type of report. I got around it by going directly to this page (I assume the annoying part was javascript), but if there was any way to improve that, that'd be great.




  • ok i made a change to the faq page can you test it again?
    also can you send me a screenshot of the "bar" issue that prevented you from sending a report.
  • Yep, that fixed it.

    I already attached the bar (it's under the big screenshot), but here it is again. It expands when you click the button to send a bug report. 

  • ok thanks for the feedback
    can you tell me if this link works on your chrome dev http://jasonsavard.com/test.php
  • All I get is the header. (Yes I have ghostery and Adblock installed, but I disabled them to make sure that it wasn't their fault).

  • It would seem that the bar only seems to cause problems when I'm not signed in. Now that I am, I can go to the submit bug form just fine.
  • ok i discovered the gibberish issue, it's a problem with the wiki and gzip, i'll figure that out tomorrow. as for the bar yeah, i just started/programmed this forum to not allow bugs from chrome dev users because they were filling up my old review wall and bugs that were eternally caused from the unstable browser. perhaps i should still allow them? to be pondered, although coincidentally you are probably the first to report a non extension related bug :) which would allow you to write this bug here.
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