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Time difference - Show time of event on button icon

I have set up "show minutes remaining to event" with one minute notification before event and because of ~50 second difference with current time, ex https://time.is/ and time in extensions there is problem with notifications.

Generally there is problem with time synchronization.


  • I generally try to match the event notifications with the local time of your computer.

    Can you send me a screenshot of the discrepancy.

  • Yes, I set up example event at 12:56, and at 12:55:45 on extension icon still is showing 2 min to event, when in real is ~15 seconds to event time according to local pc time.

  • edited November 4

    So it is working for me, but I think I understand the confusion, the countdown is the time to the event time, not to the notification time. So it doesn't matter if you set it to one minute notification before event, it will always display the time to the event.

  • But as you can see in image notification icon shows time to event (2 min), but the time to event is 15 seconds , so issue is that there is time difference. And because of that, I see event notification popup that informs "One minute to event" but really is 15 seconds to event.

  • Can you try restarting the browser.

  • I have already reinstalled ext and I was restarting browser 2 times today, but this error still occurs. Maybe I need to restart my pc. This is strange issue because before yesterday or monday everything was working fine. I'll let you know later if error still occurs.

  • edited November 4

  • Hi, problem still occurs, I do not know what it depends on, but sometimes when I start the computer(after hibernation) the extension shows time incorrectly, and other day, time is correct according to system clock. I discovered that when I click right mouse button in ext. icon and click refresh, time is updating and after that working correctly. Maybe extension have problem with time synchronization after pc hibernate?

  • Ok it's a good clue, i'll queue this for investigation thanks.

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