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Feature suggestion: archiving of e.g., last 10 items/events


I've accidentally closed all of my open events, more than once in the past (use AHK, etc.); and thought it would be super cool if there could be a little page or something really simple like that, that would keep track of one's e.g., last 10, checked events/items... would be really cool if one could restore them as well and then get them to display, but that's more of a cherry on top...

Probably gonna have to use some sort of a program, that takes a screenshot of one of my monitors, where I keep the checker window, every X time, in the meanwhile

Kind regards,


P.S. Love your extension, probably can't live without it, anymore


  • Sounds simple enough, I'll queue it for development, thanks.

  • That'd be awesome, thanks!

  • Happened again today! 😭

    Happened a couple of times before of course, but today was especially egregious... I think I almost had a heart attack!

  • Just curious are you seeing the vertical scrollbars in the reminder window indicating there are more reminders below the fold?

  • Yeah, there were probably like maybe overall about 10 events, that I accidentally ended up closing this morning 😞

    'Mentally recovered' them now I think, but it took a while and uh... was kinda stressful I guess...

    >vertical scrollbars

    Just one scrollbar by the way, but I'm assuming that' what you meant... (...in regards to https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Reminders_popup_window)

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