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Firefox Notification Buttons

One of my favorite things about using this app the last so many years on Chrome, was the ability to have the two notification buttons along with the Rich Text Notification. These weren't avaiable in Firefox (switching off Chrome) .. and i even donated hoping it would open the features up but.. nope, still not there. What gives? I know a donation is a donation, but I already donated for the Chrome version and couldn't find my info (probably under an older email) but yeah. Super bummed out about this. I wish this was clearer, and the only post I found after was one from two years ago. I can't believe I'm saying this but.. yeah, I gotta find a new extension :( .. if you can get this updated so I don't have to leave, you can keep the dono :P


  • edited October 24

    Out of my control, you have to contact the Firefox team, as it is their browser that does not support rich notifications with buttons.

  • Balls. That's seriously a game changer and may be the reason why I don't use Firefox now. Keep the dono. I love you anyways.

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