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select area not working properly

Since a few weeks now when I highlight an area it returns less and more on either side of the area. How can I repair that?


  • Can you send me screenshots to shot the difference, have you used the Chrome zoom recently, look near the star in in the url for a + or - symbol.

  • ok great screenshots, so the first thing I noticed is that white space at the bottom, has that always been there? is this within the browser window or is the browser window shorter

  • Ha, only there in Send Screenshots, not in all my other tabs.

  • This is suggesting to me a sort of zoom, but I'm not sure of the culprit, has there been any OS update or OS zoom or or font changes?

    In that selection page itself there is no zoom -/+ in the url bar?

    Have you tried reinstalling the extension?

  • No OS updates I am aware off, no font changes. No zoom in the selection page. I have reinstalled the extension. No effect.

  • Do you have multiple screens?

    Do other screen grabs work properly like the grab visible page?

  • Nope, no multiples. What do you mean by other screen grabs? Do you have an example?

  • I meant do the other methods work in this dropdown ie. "Visible page" are there any zoom issues with it?

  • ok thanks, I noticed a lot of icons in your Chrome toolbar, are those extensions?

    perhaps one or multiple of them are interefering?

    have you installed any recently?

    you can try disabling some to see if that helps.

  • OK, thanks, sorry, but I hate that recom. It's also the usual recom in the Google community. I hate it, because it takes so much time. So I will pass.

  • I went that direction because I'm currently not getting any other reports on this so I have to deduce it's local to your instance.

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