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Icons not showing or flashing

On my chrome, every time i go through the emails, all the icons are flashing or even not showing in some cases.

For example, my cursor was on the RE: Challenge - Matias Safranchik email, but the icons were not showing up but on the next email.

Even though i can click on the icons if they are not showing up.

PD: Thank you so much for this extensions, you rock man


  • Here my cursor was on the "delete" icon and that happens with the users img.

  • This seems like a Chrome issue, can ensure you have the latest version by going to Chrome menu ... Help ... About

    Then try restarting it.

    Maybe even resintalling the extension as last resort.

    Have you modified any Chrome flags?

  • Yup, I have the latest chrome version, reinstalled the extension, and I don't think I modified any Chrome flags on this Mac tbh.

    My only last option is to reinstall Chrome too, but didn't want to do that :/

    I'm a developer, so i use it a lot.

    Also just tried to reply an email and looks like it's writing (because it shows me the draft when i come in again to the extension), but can't see the text when typing a reply.

  • Developers tendsp to customize a lot leading to these conflicts, I know ☺

    For instance i know the hidden typing issue is related to dark theme in the os.

  • Hmm, weird, i am using the Mac OS light theme right now (i know i shouldn't :p)

    I will try reinstalling chrome in these days to see if that fixes the issue. At the moment it only happens within the extension, so i don't know if it's a common issue, will keep digging into it.


  • Oh, btw, just tried on the https://jasonsavard.com/homepage where is the Gmail checker plus also there and looks perfect, don't have all this issues i have on the extension

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