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dark mode

Using Chrome with the dark mode flag. Calendar dark theme does not work. Any suggestions? Thanks.


  • Have you tried not using the Chrome flag, but just the OS dark mode instead?

  • @Jason Yes, I disabled the flag and relaunched chrome - no change. I also have Win 10 dark mode enabled as well as a chrome extension (super dark mode - which allows me to turn off dark mode on any website). I disabled the super dark mode extension for the calendar - also no change. The windows 10 setting is global and works everywhere else so I'd like to leave that.

  • So you mentioned you have dark mode and you mentioned dark theme, do you mean my extension's theme? https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Skins_and_Themes

    Can you send me a screenshot of the issue also.

  • Two screens - calendar on the left.

    I tried to enable your dark mode, but it didn't take. Dark mode did work at one time. Possibly a conflict with Win 10 dark mode? When I launch calendar from a tab in Chrome, the dark mode works, but I can't increase the font size. Those were the two reasons I donated to you - for the dark mode and the larger fonts. In addition, I had hoped to be able to figure out how to use the various colors to create blocks of time (not just the starting time of each event). That's about all I can tell you except that it would be nice to have a font size between small and this large. Thank you.

  • So the dark mode did work for me so perhaps a conflict as you said.

    Also note there a several dark themes now to choose from.

    As for the font in the tabbed calendar, you can always use Chrome to decrease or increase font with Ctrl - or Ctrl +

  • Every time I select a theme mode like dark, I am brought to a page with two images (a road and one below it with a calendar). When I chose a dark skin from within the calendar, it highlights but does not change the appearance. If there is a conflict with dark mode in Win 10, then everyone with Won 10 would experience the same thing. Is that happening?

    The Ctl + worked on my native calendar inside chrome without your extension. The ability to see blocks of time rather than just the start time would be helpful. Do you offer that? Does Google calendar offer it? I've seen it, but don't know how to enable it.

  • It doesn't seem like you are setting the theme properly within the extension:

    These are the instructions, note that themes and skins are available upon a contribution of any amount:

    Add them by going to the popup window and click  > Skins & Themes

  • I have already contributed. I did go to the popup window and clicked skins and themes, but as I said before the dark mode did not take. You haven't replied about blocks of time or the colors so I'll assume that you cant help with those. Did you turn off my ability to use these skins and themes thinking that I had not contributed?

  • Are you clicking the checkmark beside the theme to save it and then click Ok.

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