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Dark Mode Not Applied to Desktop Notifications.

See title. My popup desktop notifications are still bright/white, even though I have a dark theme applied to checker, and it works fine from the extension dropdown within chrome. Please help.


  • Those notifications are standardized by the OS, so you'll have to try changing the OS to dark mode, but I can't guarantee they'll be reflected in dark mode.

  • edited October 20

    Yeah, my Windows is in dark mode. I have another laptop for gaming and it actually works fine there so I just don't know. Do you think uninstalling and reinstalling checker, or even chrome itself, would help?

  • There are multiple players involved in the notifications, the extension, the browser and the OS so it's difficult to narrow out which configuration is involved. You'd have to investigate each configuration to verify the differences.

  • Okay, I understand, thanks for your help! Just sucks that it was working fine for so long and now all of a sudden it's not, which makes me think it was a Windows or Chrome update (though they still doesn't quite explain why I don't have that same issue on my other laptop. Anyway, thanks again! I'll report back if I manage to figure out what the deal is.

  • FYI I have been unable to resolve this, unfortunately. I even recently signed up for the Window's Insider program (dev channel) and that didn't help. It's definitely Windows 10 dark mode. If I switch Window's theme back to light, the notification looks normal. In dark mode, it looks like the attached. Doesn't seem to be anything I can do about it. Again, very odd since it works fine in dark mode on my other laptop.

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