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Feature request: Show calendar in the sidebar (Firefox)


I am really enjoying your extension on Firefox, however I have one request: I would like to open the calendar in the sidebar. For an example of this functionality, look at the Firefox extension "Open in Sidebar" and open the Google calendar page. Surely, the functionality of your add-on would translate well to that format and have a better layout (My solution is very hacky, e.g. adding events breaks the layout). Add-ons like Google Keep Notes or Todoist for Firefox implement similar functionality. I attached a screenshot of the sidebar for reference.

It would be amazing if you could look into this. Keep up the good work!

Greeting, Paul


  • Can you send me a screenshot of what the extension currently looks like in the sidebar.

  • It is not available to open in the sidebar. I think it has to be enabled in the extension manifest. I would like that to be possible. Cheers!

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