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I installed this app expecting that it would register a handler for .ics files

Like the excellent CheckerPlus for Gmail, I expected that this extension would redirect any .ics files to automatically be added to the Google Calendar. It does not. Did I mess a setting and/or is there any way to do this from this extension. If not, how can I do this in general?

Thanks in advance for any advice.



  • The extension can autofill details from the current page and as well it can pickup facebook events which have a public ics associated link.

    But there is no uploading of an ics file directly to the calendar extension.

  • There's a way with Javascript to manage resource handlers. You can register Google Calendar as the resource handler for downloaded .ics files and Google Calendar will load any content from an ICS document. It's got to be similar to how you register a handler for mailto:// actions, I suppose. Perhaps this should be a feature request. I can run the Javascript myself, but that's only because I fiddle with develoment. Most people would get confused. Your service is so comprehensive it seems like you could do this easily.

    The reason I ask is some apps like MyChart allow you to add stuff to your calendar by generating an .ics file. They are bound by HIPPA and other regulations to do it this way, or so I was told. They also prevent sniffing page contents (a claim made by the developer as well).

    Thanks for the prompt reply. I'll send a link to the JS required to add a button your extension that says, "Register a handler for Calendar Files" or "Make Google Calendar the Default Calendar App in Chrome".

  • @JasonBurnett did you end up getting this sorted? Looking for an easy way to deal with .ics files here as well - I'm using a hey.com email address and would like to integrate it with my google calendar.

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