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Checker for Google/Android "Messages for web"

Hey. I use an Android phone, mostly a Windows 10 desktop, and Google Chrome as my default browser. https://messages.google.com/ sees use from me every day. Great site. Simple. The only problem is that I often forget to open it, and if I do that, it doesn't send notifications.

Is this something you've considered before?

Thanks for the great apps!


  • First I heard of this, do others have to use this Messages to communicate with them?

  • Nope, it's simply an interface for texting. So I don't have to keep picking up and checking my phone if I'm at my computer. I just use that site. It works on any Android phone. You just have to be using the official Google Android Messages app:


  • I just came in to suggest this! Messages is the default SMS/texting app on Android. An Checker Plus extension for it would make a lot of sense!

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