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Custom dark theme

edited September 2020 in Checker Plus for Gmail

I made a custom dark theme possible to mix with different colors

Think it might be nice if it would be added officially (at least the main ones)

Code and different color schemes can be found here:



  • Thanks, I'll put it in the queue for integration, would you have name for it?

  • edited September 2020

    Once again, it offers different color schemes. Choose one that you think fits and use its name (can be found down in the comments of the gist)

  • wow, so organized I like it.

  • edited November 2020

    @Jason is there a reason my dark theme wasn't added at the latest update? ?

  • Hmm, I guess I did miss it, I've queued it for the next around sorry about that, I guess I mixed them up because the dark themes are getting more numerous.

  • Good news I've added several of your themes and there are several users :)

  • Thanks for the quick snapshot update @Jason, glad to hear people like using these as much as I do :)

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