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Need an offline option in Checker Plus to look at older emails


I work with a company that is on the cusp of Gmail migration and we have some sales engineers that go into air-gapped buildings. They are periodically (often, I'm told) asked for old documents, which they need to reference from older emails.

Is there a cache adjustment (or offline mode) for Checker Plus that they can utilise?




  • For that I would recommend https://m.gmail.com

  • I don't see how that's useful. The html version is no more capable of an offline mode than of displaying things in an attractive and useful layout, as Checker Plus does.

    I saw the discussion reference to using the mobile inbox display, but that too, doesn't offer an offline mode.

    I've been an active paid user of Checker Plus for about 3 years now and I'm very pleased to pass on the recommendation, but the question I will get time and again is "Does it have an offline mode, for when there's no wifi?" Thanks for making a wonderful extension!


  • Oops sorry I sent the wrong link i meant to send the mobile view, i thought it was capable of remembering emails while offline https://mail.google.com/mail/mu/

  • Ah, that IS helpful. Thank you! But alas, it's only 90 days.

    Any way to extend that with your extension?


  • Offline looks like this in Checker Plus. Even using the "Switch to Inbox" mobile interface.

    Even when "offline" is selected in Gmail.

  • edited September 11

    Interesting I didn't know about the 90 days, better than nothing, but yeah that's as far as I can help you with offline functionality.

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