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Hover pop-up doesn't work on 1 of my 3 screens?

First off, big fan of (and contributor to) Checker Plus Calendar. Its the best. Thank you.

I'm running the latest version of Chrome (updated) and uninstalled and reinstalled the extension to no avail.

Here's what happening. Its kinda weird. I have three screens. If I have a chrome window open on my middle screen and do the "hover to show events" by moving my mouse over that little time icon to the right of the browser bar - then it shows all the upcoming events. If I drag that same window to my identically proportioned screen on the left, the upcoming events don't pop-up. If you look really closely, you see the icon flicker a brief black, like it tried to and stopped or quit? If I drag the screen to my right hand monitor (which is in landscape, so its much more cramped) Checker Plus handles it like a champ and the pop-up shows.

Its LITERALLY the same chrome window, I'm just dragging it between screens. The left hand screen has plenty of room (as much as my central screen) - why on earth is the popup not showing?! What is different about that left screen thats interfering with chrome/checker? Its a pain, because I want to have my calendar to the side and be able to quickly see whats about to come up. I'm utterly confused as to where to start to resolve this issue. Any help, much appreciated.


  • This seems like a Chrome issue out of my control, you'll have contact their support. Refer to this https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Chrome_issues

  • Thanks Jason - how do I report this do you think. They will blame the extension, I'm sure. So not sure how to make them take it seriously. The browser works well enough in all other regards on that screen - its just this weird hover pop-up that is jammed. I really don't know quite WHAT is changing between one screen and the next. I mean, I guess it could even be a Windows 10 issue - thats the thing thats rendering the pixels on that other screen. Its just plain peculiar. If you have any tips or thoughts as to how to advance, I'd love to hear 'em. Thanks again.

  • I'm going to assume any extension with a popup window from the button will have the same effect, should it be positioned where my calendar extension icon is in the toolbar.

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