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Multiple Calendars Mixing Columns in Side-By-Side day view

I have two calendars selected, one for each of my two kids. The extension pulls in all of their events on their calendars and appears to place them side-by-side in the day view. Past and current events for each child are stacked in their respective column on the side-by-side view. However, future events switch columns. So, each child has their own column of events. Child A has all of their current and past events chronologically in order, but the future events in Child A's column reflect Child B's scheduled events and vice versa for Child B's column. The native Google Calendar site correctly displays each Child's calendar for the entire day in a side-by-side fashion. I have restarted the browser and searched the FAQ/Forums , but can't find a similar issue mentioned (although I could be searching the incorrect terms for this). Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.


  • Can you send me a screenshot of the issue and maybe also the google calendar one so I can compare. You're welcome to blur our details if you need to.

  • Here's a two page PDF that attempts to show what 's going on. Thank you for your help!

  • woaw I've never even seen this split schedule view of Kid A/B in my own extension, how did you get that to display side by side? did you manipulate the image?

  • The only thing I altered was just typing the black font on the images to help explain what was going on. I followed the instructions here to get both calendars side by side. I'm using "Day" view:

    Both kids have their own Google account and I granted myself full rights of their calendars. So, I just selected both of them with the linked instructions and they show up next to each other -- almost just like within the native Google site. Your extension seems to jumble the events between the two columns? It would be really helpful if there was a way to keep each kid within the same column within the extension. Let me know if I'm not answering your question correctly. I want to help however possible.

  • One other bit of info that might or might not be helpful -- I created all events for each child. I just mention it in case the "created by" info affects the order or something similar.

  • Thanks for all the info, do you have particular Google Calendar for school like google classrooms, i'm just trying to recreate this view you have.

  • We don't have Google Classrooms or any of the G-Suite corporate products. It's all just the free stuff. Both kids are part of my Google family, so I have the parental controls/locks that Google requires for young kids (both of mine are under 10).

  • ah that's probably it you have a Google family calendar it seems:

    i'll have to investigate this further, i'll queue it among my tasks, thanks.

  • There is a family calendar that all of us can access, but we do not use it so I don’t think that’s the issue. Thank you for being so responsive. I hope you can figure it out when you find time to investigate further!

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