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Requires (and gains) access to web sites (unrelated to Gmail)


I am using the latest version of the Checker Plus for Gmail. When I am at any tab of Chrome, including tabs unrelated to Gmail or even Google, and place the cursor over the icon of Checker Plus for Gmail, I get the message (translated from my language) "wants to access this website". When clicking on the icon (to check my Gmail), access in granted until I close the tab.

Why is the Checker requiring and getting access to tabs unrelated to Gmail? Other extensions I have installed do not display such messages. Is it a bug? If so, I think it should be fixed as soon as possible.

Thank you very much in advance, and regards.


  • At some point you probably opted in for a feature within the extension that required more permissions. You can always reinstall the extension to return to the minimal permissions.

  • Well, this is strange. I went to the configuration of the extension:

    I have disabled "automatically grant access to the following web sites" (I am translating from my language).

    And I have enabled the next line "https://mail.google.com/*" (with the previous line disabled).

    The Checker is working (weird, because the first line is disabled) but with the same behaviour: it wants access to any web site, and gains it after clicking on the icon.

    By the way, I have seen that the Checker for Calendar has the same behaviour.

    Can anyone reproduce this? Is it maybe a Chrome issue?


  • Hi - I see the same behavior on all my computers. The extension barely functions on my work computer now - perhaps due to their security on my managed Google Chrome browser. I see no way to change the setting to stop allowing "access to this site" after clicking. Is there some reason this functionality is needed? I uninstalled and re-installed to no avail. It's uncomfortable - any way to address this w/o breaking functionality?

  • @Steve Mecca Can you specify which site you are on when you click the extension icon that gives you the "access to this site".

  • Hi Jason - when I mouse-over the extension icon, the pop-up says "wants access to this site" on any open tab on my browser (all with opened websites on them). I haven't seen any evidence of it being site-specific. It even happens when the Checker Plus for Gmail - options are open as chrome-extension://

  • @Steve Mecca So this seems like a Chrome extension framework issue, as I haven't coded anything related to accessing sites that are not related to gmail. Interesting details about this occuring while the options page is open.

  • edited September 2020

    I found that mouse-over phrase in this "error message" list?? I don't know how it fits in: https://chromium.googlesource.com/chromium/src/+/master/chrome/app/generated_resources.grd . Strange - seems like a bug in the Chrome Framework, as you said. I can't even change the options for "This can read and change site data" when right clicking on the extension icon - only "When you click the extension" is an available option.

    In any case - thanks for looking in to it.

  • @Steve Mecca I just noticed you are using Chrome v86, the stable one is v85, this may also be a culprit.

  • I'm using v85 on my other computers and have the same issue. I take it it's not happening on your own computer(s)? That would make it pretty hard to debug :-)

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