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Gmail showing ads in Promo tab again

Hello, I think I tried all of your recommendations before reporting this issue, but I'm still seeing ads in the Promo tab in Gmail. The Social tab ad blocker is working though. I'm using the 5.3.2 version of WAB. I'm using the latest Firefox update 80.0.1. I've disabled all of my extensions, besides WAB, and reloaded my browser. I uninstalled/reinstalled WAB and reloaded the browser - still no luck. I hope you can get what you need from my screenshot. Any other suggestions or fixes?


  • The latest version is 5.4, can you try reinstalling the extension and then refresh the Gmail page.

  • I tried as you suggested - reinstalling and refreshing. I noticed that the latest version Firefox offers is the 5.3.2 dated 5 Dec 2020. I switched over to Chrome, which offers the 5.4 version dated 13 May 2020. Here's my (tiny) screen shot of my Chrome browser Gmail. As you hopefully can see, the ads are still present in Promo, even here on Chrome. What do you think?

  • i'm not observing these ads in my promo tab so it's difficult to solve and test it, it seems you found an alternative solution which is good, i'm going to wait a bit longer to see more reports and if it rolls out to my Gmail.

  • Hi Jason,

    I was able to get WAB to block the Ads in the Promo tab after uninstalling Chrome and then reinstalling it. It looks like the updated version of WAB 5.4 is available in the Chrome store. Firefox browser on the other hand, I did a fresh install (went back to default), but the previous version of WAB 5.3.2 is there for download. Do you have to submit an update to Firefox addon page in order to allow the latest version? Or is there a way for me to force the update (which is something I'm unfamiliar with how to accomplish)?

    I'm running Firefox 80.0.1 and this screenshot is the version history for Firefox...

  • Ok great details again, I found a lead which fixes the Firefox issue in extension v5.4 to be released in a few days, once the Firefox team approves it.

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