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Action Center only shows most recent Checker Plus Gmail notification instead of all new emails

Hi Jason, so after the recent Chrome updates (or perhaps Windows updates), your Checker Plus for Gmail extension only shows a notification in the Action Center for the most recent email received, instead of all new emails received. So, to be more clear, the toolbar icon shows a count for all new emails, but Action Center only shows the most recent email. I know in the past, your extension behaved differently, and would show all new emails in the Action Center (OR one notification showing the # of new emails received, instead of just the most recent one). I do have the extension configured correctly to show notifications in the Action Center. And, I have tried reinstalling the extension. Has anyone else reported this? I hope I am making sense. Please advise. Thanks!


  • Hi Jason, I just wanted to give another update/clarification on this potential issue: I noticed yesterday that If I am away from the PC for a while (PC goes to sleep), and then log back on, Checker Plus WILL provide one (1) notification in the Action Center showing the number (#) of new emails received since I was last on the computer. HOWEVER, if I am actively logged into the computer and new emails come in, Action Center will then only show a notification for the most recent email. It seems to replace any existing notification for a new email with the most recent one, instead of accumulating the notifications in the Action Center. Like I said in my original post, this is not how the extension used to be have. I am certain that Checker Plus Gmail notifications used to accumulate in the Action Center, instead of only showing the most recent one.

  • I don't think it did every accumulate or at least not intentionally as I reused the same "id" for the notification which should override it.

  • Hmmmm. Interesting. I'm 100% sure that previously, it showed multiple separate Checker Plus Gmail notification instances within Action Center and would not replace one notification with another (I wish I had some old screen shots!). Something definitely changed the behavior - either Windows updates or Chrome updates. I do appreciate your response. Thanks, Jason.

  • Oh and Jason - I can also confirm that in the past, the "test notification" within the Options - Notifications tab would show a separate notification in Action Center for every time you pressed the "test" button.

  • really, hmm, ok well easy live tests would be to send your send email every 30 seconds and see if it overrwites or not the same notification, the operating system can interfere at the level of notification function unfortunately.

  • OK. I know that with Twitter, for example, it will show separate notifications within Action Center. I was able to confirm that this morning - there were two separate instances of Twitter notifications showing in Action Center. So, I think it can vary by app or website. Thank you again for your responses.

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