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I am sharing the folder, will unknown others be able to use this tool?

I am sharing a Google Drive folder by URL and anyone with that URL has access.

Will these (unknown to me) readers be able to use this tool to monitor for changes? If I use this tool will I be able to test that it works the same way as a user?


  • Yes, but depending on the options you select...

  • I can't even work out how to check my own folders, let alone how someone (unknown to me) wanted to look at my url would do it.

    The options you select are at least partially wrong as I would need to use "Show notifications for files inside folders I select". clicking the [?] doesn't tell me how that is done although I'd expect to see that after asking for help.

    Now that I've tried it it would appear that I couldn't just export the setup for someone else to import.

  • No that's correct each user configure their own extension options, but shared folders appear in both extensions.

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