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I can't make a contribution (sending or submitting payment)

I have tried more than once this year to set up a recurring payment subscription.

My card is there, I need only to add my address, but even after the address is added, nothing happens when I hit the "DONE" button to submit the payment schedule. I tried Google Pay and Credit Card Options.


  • Can you send me a screenshot of the issue.

  • I select the card ending 1143 -- hit done, and nothing happens.

  • Hmm so this is note my page, but rather they payment processor's page.

    Have you tried the other options...

  • I'd already tried CARD and G Pay and Apple Pay, but not PayPal. Good ol' PayPal was a great success. You may still want to look into the other options unless you know that what I was experience was unique to my efforts.

    All the best!

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