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Error Reload

maybe day maybe two is stop working on my firefox

 Error Reload, i try to re add mail but nothing happen


  • Try reinstalling the extension

  • Thanks)working again!

  • edited August 31

    hhh after instal again i found it already with my one mail adrees. Ok i add another one and after some time i cant found app not in the panel not in Installed app list)))strange

    i try to reinstall again



  • I have had trouble with the Checker Plus for Gmail for several days. I have uninstalled it and reinstalled it and closed the browser and it still has an error message and won't work. Any suggests how to make it work?

  • @George McCullough What's the error message? Are you using the defaults options upon reinstalling?

  • UnknownError: Internal error opening backing store for indexedDB.open. 

  • @George McCullough ah that one is simple just restart the computer.

  • AYUDAA es algo que no es de la extencion bueno tambien la extencion pero necesito ayuda ya ve que con lo del coronavirus las clases son virtuales y algunos son de tener una cuenta institucional ahora se cerro cesion en google y la extencion me pone un mensaje de error y no puedo iniciar secion con las cuentas institucionales que hago!!!

  • traduccion (tal vez no le entienda por que use el traductor de google pero bueno)

    HELP is something that is not of the extension, good also the extension, but I need help. and I can't start session with the institutional accounts that I do !!!

  • @maxexiyo2 Try reinstalling the extension.

  • UnknownError: Internal error opening backing store for indexedDB.open.

  • @water opal Restart the computer to fix that issue.

  • @Jason It worked! Thank you very much.

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