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duplicate meeting windows created

Starting a few days ago (with an update??) when there is a google meeting attached to an event, and you click on the meeting in the notification, it opens TWO identical meeting windows.

This happens pretty consistently whether the notification has just occured or if you click on an older notification in the notification center.


  • Can you send me a screenshot of where you are clicking.

  • I'll capture one at the next opportunity.

    While I'm here, another comment, about the ads served up on the left side of the page.

    I appreciated the previous ad about how Keurig cups are an environmental disaster (which is true). The ad I'm looking at now, on the other hand, is for solar roadways. As an energy engineer, I can say without qualification that solar roadways are one of the dumbest energy ideas that I've ever seen floated. Roads are dirty, and dirty/scratched panels do not produce well. Also, PV production is MUCH higher if you tilt the panels even 5-10 degrees. Laying them entirely flat loses out on a lot of production potentials. Put the panels OVER the roadways instead! (Also, on top of buildings, over canals, floating on reservoirs, and almost anywhere else except a road surface!).

    I realize you don't have direct control over the ads that show, but I just had to say something.

  • So after happening consistently for several days, today the duplicate windows did not appear. I'll update you again as I learn more.

  • Again this issue has failed to reappear. I think we can consider it closed at this point.

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