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Why does a reply from the popup window not go to the sent mail folder?

First thing, the search funcion is not working in Firefox... So sorry if this exists somewhere in the gmail forum already.

I reply often just from the popup window. Why do the replies not go to the sent mail folder? Why do they show up in the Inbox instead? This behavior is weird and frustrating.


  • Ok i'll queue the search for fixing, what happen exactly?

    For the replies, they definitely should be found in the Sent or else that would be a Gmail issue.

    I'm not sure I understand how they up your inbox, can you send me a screenshot of the issue?

  • I'm sorry for wasting your time on this. They are in my sent mail folder. I don't know when or why a folder called "sent messages" appeared, but that's how I got confused.

    There is still something odd that may not be related to the plugin (which I love). It's that when I reply to someone's the message, my reply also shows in my inbox?

  • So there is one issue that you may be observing which occurs when you reply to an email while the initial email is still unread - have you tried setting the option ... General ... previewing marks email as read

  • Jason, I'm sorry. I will figure it out. It's a gmail issue. Your plugin is awesome. Thanks.

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