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Generated URL for an entry is sometimes wrong

I've ran into this a couple of times recently.

From what I understand, there is some process that scrounges for the "main" URL in the meeting invitation, and displays it along the title, e.g. in notifications, or when viewing an item in the plugin. For example, notification popup (with wrong URLs): https://funkyimg.com/i/36skM.png

You can see that for the top meeting, the URL is wrong, as it a FAQ URL, not the URL of the meeting. For the bottom meeting, the URL is incomplete. There was an query on that URL, and it's removed, making the URL unusable. In the latter case, I'm forced to open the item in Google Calendar and get the URL.

Original calendar item content for the top meeting: https://funkyimg.com/i/36sm7.png

for the bottom meeting: https://funkyimg.com/i/36smq.png


  • Great info, ok for the top meeting, you should be able to click the "Join with Google Meet" on the notification and that should work.

    For the bottom one I see it's Zoom meeting, why do you think the url is incomplete? does it not load?

  • Yes, for the top meeting I can still use the button. Just took a while to understand where the other URL is coming from.

    For the bottom - yes, the URL doesn't "work", because the password is missing :) (Zoom just says - invalid meeting URL, which didn't help, but oh well). If you see the full invite, the original URL has a query part, containing the password, which is removed in the generated URL.

  • ok great info again, i'll investigate to make it better.

  • Thank you so much, Jason, you're the best :)

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