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Show More Events Expansion Window Immediately Closes

I brought this up in a recent Firefox issue thread regarding the previous version, but it still happens on this new one, which is in partial rollout. If you have too many events to show on a square per day, and it goes into a "+n more" hotlink on the square, attempting to click that window to see all the events still immediately closes it, at least on Firefox. I'm using the current version, v27.2, and Firefox 78.0.2.


  • Hmm I was hoping that was fixed in the upgrade of the FullCalendar calendar layout that I employ, they released another version recently which reworked all their code, so hopefully that will contain this Firefox specific issue.

  • I have same issue, runing on Checker Plus for Google Calendar v27.2.1 and Firefox 79.0 (64-bit)

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