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Any way to add notifications only for myself, and not for all users on the event?

The only actual feature I'm looking for out of a calendar extension is the ability to add additional notifications *for myself*. Example: Someone creates an event and adds 100 people to the event, and chooses the default "reminder 10 minutes before event". I want to be reminded with a ding at the time of the event, without affecting anyone else's notifications.

If I Configure the Notification settings for Checker Plus to add a notification, it edits the event for everyone as far as I can tell. I've searched through the other configuration settings but can't find anything like this. Is it there?


  • So let me correct you, notification are only set for the user who adds them the event or their calendar, just like in Google Calendar. You cannot modify other people's notifications.

  • Oh. So it sounds like the feature is already doing exactly what I want? I was worried that if I went and edited my notification in my calendar entry, it would update all other peoples' calendars too.


  • I think I'm still not understanding something. This is how I have it configured.

    2 minutes before the most recent event, I got a popup on my phone from the normal Google Calendar app, but I did not get any kind of ding on my desktop where this extension is installed. When I clicked my Windows desktop notification area, I had one there from 10 minutes prior to meeting that I had ignored. Should I have gotten a Ding 2 minutes before?

  • So I believe if you ignored and left the 10min notification on the desktop then the 2 min would not trigger, but I guess we can both test that going forth.

    Had you dismissed the 10min one then yes you should have gotten the 2min one.

  • edited July 22

    Assuming that's true (not dismissing the 10 min causes the 2 min to not show up), do you think this warrants a behavioral change in the extension? The 2 minute warning is to make *absolutely sure* I don't miss the meeting, and it kind of defeats the purpose if I sometimes don't get it.

  • Yes I would agree, let's do some more tests, it might be blinking the notification on the 2min mark also.

  • I've since had 4 different meetings. On the first one I clicked the "right arrow" on the Windows Desktop Notification that appeared (basically just makes it go away). On the second one I wanted it for it to disappear. On the third and fourth ones I waited it for it to disappear and then opened my Windows Notification Center and clicked the X.

    In cases 1 and 2, I did not get a 2 minute warning. In cases 3 and 4, I did.

  • Ah you're using the desktop notifications instead of the popup reminder window. i'll investigate this, but it's possible the notification remaining in the notification center is causing the issue. This 2min reminder warning should always work when using the popup reminder window.

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