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Notification on Linux are labeled as critical (high_priority).

I love your extension and depend on it daily. One issue I wanted to point out is that all notifications seem to be set as HIGH_PRIORITY (MAX_PRIORITY). I understand that setting them as such might help with people that have trouble getting any notifications. I would like to see a setting on the options page so the user can set the priority.

In Linux, specifically Gnome, there's a built-in Do-Not-Disturb setting for all app notifications but notifications from your extensions ignore this because High priority notification are always displayed to the user. I know there's a do-not-disturb setting inside your app but this make it that I have to remember to do both, otherwise I don't get your notifications when I want them, or I get them when I don't want them.

There's an issue filed with Chrome about this (https://bugs.chromium.org/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=1093556) where basically they said developers are the ones in charge of setting the priorities. It seem that having a setting could really help Gnome users.


  • Ok thanks for the details, I'll queue this for investigation and possibly adding an option for this, although I wonder if this is only Linux specific.

  • On Windows, something similar also happens. When using "Focus Assist", there are three levels. If set to "Alarms only", notifications are not shown, but if I set them to "Priority only", even though Google Chrome is not set in my priority list, I still see notifications from Checker Plus extensions.

    I'm not as familiar to how Windows handles notifications and "Focus Assist", so it might not be the same cause as for Linux but based on my test, it seems they might share the same issue with setting notification priorities.

    I haven't really test this on macOS but I might be able to and I'll report here what I find.

  • I've run a simple test on macOS and it seems there's no problem there. When do-not-disturb is enabled in the OS, no notifications are shown. It seems this is only a problem with Linux and Windows

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