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No notifications at all

Hi Jason. Thanks for this useful software I just contributed $40.

However my calendar notifications stopped working in the last week.

I've missed some online meetings due to this.

I'm currently using a macbook pro and firefox.

What can we do to debug this?


  • Try reinstalling the extension, then perform some tests like adding a test notification from 5 minutes from now within the extension.

  • Morning/Evening/Good-day -- hope you are well -- the above screenshot shows my test.

    I added another test after that failed at 12:00 [I added it around 11:10.

    The notification should have triggered 11:50.

    I had no google calendar open in firefox to jam the notification somehow.

    So how can we resolve this?

    Up until about 1 week ago it seemed to be working.

    All the best.

  • Are you at least seeing the event time on the calendar button ?

    Have you tried clicking the test notifications button in the option..notifications ..beside desktop notification.

  • The event seems to show up only if I click the circular 'Refresh' button.

    Just tried adding an entry at 21:00 my time. I added the entry when the clock said 19:20ish.

    I just checked now at 21:52... and no 21:00 entry showed up. Until I pushed the 'refresh' button.

    Earlier in the day when testing I'd used the refresh button and those didn't trigger notifications.

    The 'test notifications' work.

    I just tried again and no notifications even if I refresh and let the entry sit there.

    All the best.

  • Are you adding these test events with the extension? Firefox doesn't support real-time notifications like chrome, so the extension must poll periodically to sync the events from Google calendar.

  • Not adding with the extension. I add them with the google calendar.

    Which seems ok for me to get it poll'd every 30 minutes or so cause I usually add calendar events the day before, etc. Most meetings are scheduled 1 day before.

  • Also adding from the app doesn't seem to show notifications.

  • So the easiest way to determine if the event is registered in the extension is to see if it's 1) visible in the popup calendar window 2) displayed on the button icon as the next event time.

    Let me know if this is working. Then we can isolate the issue to just a notification issue.

  • I set one for tomorrow 08:00.

    The display button says '1d'.

    Is that wrong? Currently it is 22:25ish.

  • Actually the other trick is you can just hover over the calendar button icon and you can see all the next events registered in the extension.


  • When I hover over it -- it shows the upcoming event.

    This morning the notification didn't trigger.

  • Ok so we are confirming the event is registering in checker plus, but just the notifications are not appearing?

    So the next task is to find out what notifications you have set for that event or calendar. Have you been trying tests from your main calendar? and what are the notifications set to?

  • This is an example from my outlook365 calendar that is linked to the google calender.

    I was testing on the google calendar.

    This is an example from todoist which is also coming in via my google calendar.

    What should we be looking for?

  • Ah the todoist calendar, there's been known issues with syncing from external calendars linked to google calendar and specifically todoist.

    Can you try with events in your regular google calendar calendars.

  • I tried to check all the time with my google calendar's main calendar.

    All the checks I posted about were checks for the google calendar.

  • Can you confirm you tried reinstalling the extension, when I mentioned it initially in this thread?

  • Well, having another attempt. I updated and restarted firefox and the alerts worked 1x.

    But then didn't work after that.

    Also when I reinstall I was previously clicking to 'restore' previous. I tried not to do

    that today.

    So let us see how that goes.

    Also are you developing on the macbook? I suspect the desktop environment might hide

    notifications somehow. Since the 1x the notification does work it gets hidden

    behind other windows -- so when the notifications were working that seemed to be the case.

    In a perfect world outlook would run on linux :/

  • I'm currently on a Mac/Chrome and every morning I see my girlfriend's notifiations. I am curious if the issue is Mac/Firefox specific, have you tried with Chrome?

  • My notifications are working after the last reinstall and the update of firefox.

    Another possible "fix" that happened here -- when I reinstalled the plugin [for about the 5th time] -- I didn't click the 'keep account as is' [not exact words] -- I chose to login in a-fresh.

    ie; I started from scratch in a sense.

    Thanks for your time on this :)

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