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Labels appear out of nowhere


In my Gmail I keep deleting "Sync issues" label and other three under that one.

I double checked my Gmail session history and I can see access only form my browser and an "atom feed" that come from the same browser: I suppose that is Checker Plus extension, am I right?

So, is it you who add those labels?

Can this be eliminated?

Thank you!



  • No sorry, my extension does not any labels automatically, only through user intervention.

    I recommend checking your Gmail filters or other devices or connected software.

  • But the only activity I see between label deletion and reappearing are from my browser with two entries: one labeled Browser and the other labeled Atom Feed.

    Is Atom Feed from you extension?

  • edited July 17

    If you are using auto-detect with checker plus - the default - then use the Atom Feed is probably checker plus.

    But you're stating that my extension is adding specific labels to your emails, which my extension does not do automatically, actually now that you say "Sync issues" it's most likely another backup or sync software on another device that are creating the issue, I recommend googling around with those words and you'll probably find some leads.

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