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Some emails not showing

Hello, in my Gmail inbox i have received emails that dont appear when i click on Checker plus. I have tried with Account "check all", "principal" and other options but the same. In the last 5 days i see only 1 email of today and 1 of yesterday, and really there were a lot more received.

Until 3 days ago i was using Windows and all ok, now i am using Mac and does not work as expected, i have also re-installed extension, but problem continues.


  • Can you check the Inbox label and see if that pulls are the emails...

  • I did it, opened again checker plus, clic to "refresh" (update) but still does not pull more emails.

  • 1) don't select both Inbox and Principal (just one of them)

    2) I noticed in your screenshot most of the email as already read, you do realize that checker plus only lists unread emails?

  • Number 1) solved.

    Number 2) : question, ¿is there anyway to show all?, because if i read one and decide to answer later, i guess must be there until i response, archive, etc.

    I dont know if the intention is locked to not appear, but what i really liked of Checker plus is avoid opening one tab more in chrome to check, respond, etc Gmail.

    Also, once using Google Checker calendar i have noticed that if i add an event 12.30pm-12.45pm, if i see it agenda mode it appears as 0:30pm-0:45pm what is a mystake. This using not activated to read like 24h. The right would be 12.30pm-12.45pm (as is in the day, not night), once clicking 24 hour mode, all appears ok. Hope this observation helps improve this amazing extension.

  • Great feedback, to view all emails including read refer to inbox view https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Popup_window

    For the 24h issue in the calendar extension, that's a recent bug, i'm pushing a fix very soon, it's only related to certain locales, you might be using the english UK for instance or german in a 12hour format which causes the issue, the temporary workaround is switching to 24h or changing to just english in the extension options ... Welcome tab .. language.

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