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back to old layout

Is there way to go back to the old layout or similar? I always found it really useful to have all my unread emails there at a glance. I have ADHD so that really helped me make sure I'm not missing anything that may be hidden under all those tabs. And yes, I do mean "all those" because I don't just use 1 account ;)

Thanks in advance!


  • Can you indicate exactly what is the difference you are referring to between the old and new layout?

  • edited July 14

    It's completely different. It used to be just a list and previews of incoming mail. All unched up together for each emailaddress. Now it opens "primary" initially, and the rest is in a menu similar to what you see when you open gmail.com.

  • I can only assume your version was not update in a while and that you are possibly seeing the modern interface. For resource and security reasons I cannot go backwards with old versions. However, going forwards I can work with you and some suggestions to improve the current interface.

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