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Undo delete after marking as read from toolbar in Chrome

After using the Mark as read button in the drop down window from the Chrome toolbar When using Undo option I usually get the error 'Requested entity not found'


  • So key word here is probably "usually", how often does it happen, have you noticed a pattern to which kind of emails?

    Are you using conversation mode?

  • I've only seen it work a handful of times, so usually is extremely often.

    No pattern I've noticed but I could play with it and reply back. Yes I'm in conversation mode but I'll be making read just about every email I get so there's no discussion threads for almost 100% of them.

  • Ok let me know how further tests go, as a hint that message seems to indicate the email does not exist anymore, so either it was deleted by another action, like a filter or other software or even device etc.

  • When it does say requested entity not found I also get the spinning circle in the middle that doesn't disappear. I've waited also about five seconds just before the undo disappears and clicking undo then still comes up with requested entity not found.

  • Do the other buttons, like archive and then undo give the same error?

  • I don't get an undo option when archiving.

  • Did you notice any pattern to the types of emails have the issue, are they spam or promotions or personal/important emails?

  • No pattern, inbox, promotions and Updates all have this issue. I have noticed that after marking something as read whilst looking at Gmail in my browser it does take a few seconds at least before it is marked as read. Perhaps it's looking to revert the read status when it hasn't yet been marked as read?

  • it's a good assumption that there is a timing aspect to it given the "intermittent" part of this issue - perhaps network delay or Gmail server delays. I'll queue it for investigation.

  • I'm also getting 'Requested entity not found" when trying to reply to an email via the Chrome toolbar as well.

  • Ok good info, i still have no other reports of this issue.

    Do you have any filters or scripts or other that have access to your account? Shared access or maybe from other devices.

  • I always get this issue when trying to reply, using the extension in Brave browser. I have to click to open Gmail in order to reply.

  • @chrubble Can you replicate the issue in Chrome?

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