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NOTICE FROM THE DEVELOPER: Mark as Read, Delete and mail count issues

edited June 2014 in Checker Plus for Gmail
June 9th - The issue is fixed for all users. (if you don't think so refer to the very bottom of the comments by me)
June 5th - The issue is fixed for some users only.
June 4th - I thought the issue was fixed for everyone.
June 1st - Original issue...

Gmail is temporarily having issues which affects all Gmail extensions including extensions "by Google" that use the Gmail inbox feed to detect unread messages.

This is causing sync issue between unread emails list in my extension and unread emails in Gmail.
Opened emails or marked as read emails might "falsely" reappear moments later in my extension.

All buttons are still working! Mark as Read, Delete etc. the list of unread mails and counter in my extension is the ONLY problem.

Help me alert the Gmail team by voting up or starring these tickets at the top left of these page (do not comment on it):

ps. If you work for Google, it would be great if you could pass the message to the Gmail API team ;)


  • Starred the post. Hope, Google will solve this problem as soon as possible. 
  • Jason is providing better support for his app than most other devs, notifying his users in a timely and effective way. You may not have seen an issue yet, but if you do, you'll know why. Jason, some of us do appreciate your efforts. I can live with the text until there's a fix. 
  • Thank you very much everyone for the support I am definitely working hard on finding a solution - I'm even away from home right now so the timing is not ideal, but I'm placing my full support on a solution rather than the warning message.
  • Well, I must eat my words. For the first time since Jason's issue warning, I clicked on Mark as Read in Checker Plus and the email wouldn't mark as being read. Perhaps, a rolling issue? Noinetheless, this is the first time it's happened for me.
  • Please Update here or in you Program when Issue is solved. I love this Program. Best App ever! Thank you Jason.
  • на ноутбуке оповещения работают, на домашнем компьютере не работают.
    спасибо за приложения. 
  • Thanks jason for the update, don't know why people are so frustrated to see your alert your just trying to help??
  • Wow, a free service which works wonderfully, and some of you guys are acting like spoiled children re: a minimally invasive alert concerning an important (and ongoing) issue. So you don't personally have problems, good for you, but the world doesn't center around you...On my part, thanks for the service, Jason. Great extension.
  • Thank you James, I wish I could say what you did but I have to remain polite :)
  • The issue does still exist so the message, alerting people to it, is still relevant. I wouldn't have known it was not a problem with the extension, had I NOT seen the message. I was even considering deleting the extension for good before I saw it, so thanks Jason. 
    For awhile, there was no delete option in my notice tab, though that is back now. As well, I would get a notification of an incoming email and not find it in my in box ...ever. That happened a couple of times, that too has been repaired. Now, I just get the annoying hundred and one re-notifications about the same email I just received--LOL
    I'm sticking with it because I love the app so very very much. Plus, Jason looks super hot and is fun to look at. ;)
  • I agree with those who would like to remove the red error text. At least offer a way to flag that you have read it so you don't need to see it again. This issue is not affecting me at all, but the annoying text every time i open the extension is.
  • This is one of the best extensions. Instead of people complaining why don't you donate to Jason. It is definitely worth the money!
  • UPDATE: The issue has been fixed by Gmail! Thank you everyone for your support. The red message will disappear very soon as I update the extension.
  • Sorry to say, but the issue is still there: I have 0 unread emails, yet the checker shows me 1 unread email. Same as it was for the last few days. I'm on Google Apps version of GMail, I guess it is possible the fix is not propagated there yet.
  • Jason thanks for your efforts.
    Great work.

    PS.I'm using your extension in a regular form. I'll try to contribute you by the end of the year.
  • I still have this bug even after reinstalling addon.
    I click Trash icon, but still see new e-mail i just deleted.
  • Ditto what others have said - issue is still there for me.
  • The issue appears to have been fixed by Gmail for "some users only." Hopefully it will be fixed for everyone soon, if not I will develop a workaround.
  • Thank you Jason!
  • I experienced this issue also until now even I marked my email as read but still it was unread.
  • The issue seems to have ceased, thank you Jason.
  • After some hours seems all works fine now. Thank you!
  • Doesn't appear fixed for me.  I deleted the same unread notice 3 times to no avail.  I had to open p gmail before it actually went away.
  • The problem is solved now. Thank you Jason.
  • Not complaining, just letting you know I'm still getting the error here.
  • Working normally again here! YAY! Thanks, Jason and everyone for your dilligence in solving the issue. 
    Gmail checker and Google Calendar Checker Plus are the first apps I use every day!
  • The issue is only fixed for "some users" apparently. I am currently developing a workaround.
  • Yes it was fixed about 10 minutes. No i got the same here. I hope it will running soon fine. Great Job Jason :)
  • I thought it was fixed! Everything was good yesterday.  But the problem appears again :(
  • Thanks for all of your hard work, Jason. It's much appreciated!

    It was fixed for me earlier today and then jumped back to being broken within the last couple of hours. Running Win 8 with the most updated version of Chrome, if that helps.
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