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Rich Notification shows notifications for emails where notifications are disabled

Love your apps. In fact, I've got a total of three apps by you (Google Calendar, Gmail and Explain and Send...), all contributed and have been using them for many years now.

In Checker Plus for Gmail, I have many emails added. On the Notifications tab, I have Rich Notifications. On the Accounts/Labels tab, the first email has the bell icon (desktop notification) enabled for Inbox.

On the second email, the bell icon is disabled for Inbox because I don't want notifications popping up from that email.

Now, when someone emails the second email, I don't get any notification, which is what I want. But when someone emails the first email, I get the subject line from the second email too, which I don't want to see. Seems like they're being 'grouped'. Is there anyway to avoid this grouping of messages?

If I switch from Rich Notifications to Text Notifications, then the problem is solved and messages aren't grouped.


Hope you're well and safe.


  • Great explanation of the issue, that is a bug, have you tried just entirely disabling the 2nd account (instead of just the inbox)

  • Hi Jason,

    I've been doing just that for a while now. But the problem with that is I can't see any mail that the second email account might have gotten when I click the extension in the browser. I still do want to see any new mail that arrived at the end of the day, just don't want to be notified when and as it comes.

    Changing notifications from "Rich notifications" to "Text Notifications" solved it for me and it's really not that big of a deal. Maybe it'll get fixed in upcoming releases.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Good news I've fixed this in v22.4

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