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Slow Popup Window



  • Jason - thanks - if there is anything else you would like me to try, please let me know.

  • edited February 17

    @nwb403 Can you list all other extensions you have installed? and have you changed any Chrome flags? ps. you're doing an amazing job helping me figure this out, thank you very much.

  • @nwb403 part 2 of my message, I also pushed another update to v22.5.4.3

    Can you click the extension Admin options .. "Test serialization" again send me the results

    and then checkmark the "Indexeddb relaxed" and let me know if that changes the performance.

  • Adblock Plus

    Adobe Acrobat

    Checker Plus (obsviously)

    Content Server Browser Web Extension

    CrxMouse Chrome gestures


    Emoji Keyboard

    Evernote Web clipper

    Google Contacts & Record Audio

    Google Dictionary

    Google Hangouts

    Google Translate

    GoToMeeting Pro Screensharing


    HTTPS everywhere

    Image Downloader

    OneNote Web Clipper


    Spotify Hotkeys, C&N

    Webmail Ad Blocker

  • edited February 17

    Forced update. Test Serialization (no change to flag):

    Set flag to "IndexedDB relaxed":

    (doesn't seem to have changed speed)

  • @nwb403 Hmm that's a lot of extensions, I wonder if one or some of them are interefering.

    Can you also try changing the extension General option for "Max emails to display per account" and set it 0 and let me know if the popup windows loads faster.

  • Jason, sorry, that doesn't seem to have helped (maybe made it worse...)

    I can see in the background the times are very long

  • FWIW - I just switched all extensions off that I could (didn't uninstall) - it doesn't seem to help.

  • edited February 17

    @nwb403 One hypothesis I have is that once the system is slow it's not possible to reverse the effect, however one user in this thread said he resolved the issue temporarily by clearing the cache files:

    can you let me know if that resolves it and then we can start using my admin options to see if we can prevent the issue from starting.

  • edited February 17

    Jason, I actually did that late last week (cleared all cookies and cached files) - noted that it didn't seem to help. I've just done it again, not seeing an improvement sorry.

    Would number of unread emails have any impact? I have quite a few :D

  • edited February 17

    @nwb403 Well that was going to be my next test, can you try monitoring a different label (not the inbox) in the Accounts / Label options so that you do not get any unread emails appearing in the popup window and let me know if that makes the popup window load faster. (note you should probably at least notice the email account bar load faster)

  • Jason, I've switched off 2 accounts and set up to monitor one folder. (Not sure if it is relevant, but even loading the settings of Checker Plus is really slow... )

    I'm not seeing an improvement really - it is still very slow to respond.

    However, one thing I just noticed - when I put the mouse over the checker plus icon, I get the list of 10 emails almost instantaneously. However, when I click to open up the checker plus, the window opens straight away, but it still takes ages for the emails to load in that window.

  • @nwb403 So even though the popup window did not have any unread emails to display, it was still slow to load?

    And just for my understanding you've found no other way to restore the speed, even reinstalling the extension and restarting the computer.

  • Jason - pop-up window is fast, but loading data inside is slow (still). If I remove and reinstall the extension, speed is good for a week or so - then gets progressively bad. (I've not seen anything else fix it (restarting, clearing browser history+cache+cookies - neither helps).

  • @nwb403 ok reinstall the extension to get the speed back,

    then check the extension Admin option "Indexeddb relaxed"

    And I guess we have to wait a week to see if that works.

  • Will do - thanks!

  • @RickVanHattem ... can you also try my instructions above concerning indexeddb relaxed.

  • Since the filesystem wipe of the chrome cache files I haven't seen any issues anymore. I'll give it a try if it reoccurs however.

  • I have this problem with slowdown too. Only reinstalling helps.

    But after that it gradually degrades again.

    Jason, you'd better have a virtual machine with browser and extension with snapshots for your experiments to find the cause of problem.

  • @comrade.me Can you checkmark the extension Admin option "IndexedDB relaxed"

    And I guess we have to wait a few days to see if that works.

  • edited February 20

    Jason, I've done.

    Also here are my Test serialization data for now (reinstalled it today):

    [Jason compressed it]

    accounts: 1

    size: 59 458

  • I am facing the same issue and, as some others, once I reinstall the extension the problem comes back again (after some time).

    So I've enabled "Indexeddb relaxed" in the Admin settings today, and hope this will solve the ONLY issue of this amazing extension :)

  • edited February 22

    (tests archived by jason, thanks Vlad)

  • @Vlad Railian Ok thanks for the tests, note that you'll have to reinstall the extension to reset the speed issue and then check the IndexedDB - relaxed option.

    It seems we might only be able to prevent the issue, but not revert it with that option - I am awaiting results from other users in the days to come.

  • 1. Removed the extension.

    2. Restarted Chrome using the "chrome://restart" command.

    3. Installed the extension back.

    4. Enabled "IndexedDB Relaxed" option. Restarted extension.

    The popup contents display is now almost instant! Will keep monitoring and report back if needed.

  • I have to agree with Vlad's posting. The four steps above cleared up my 15-20 sec popup window delays. Not 1 sec or less. Hope fix sticks. Thanks.

  • sorry now 1 sec for less

  • @nwb403 So it's been a week since you enabled the Admin .. IndexedDB Relaxed option, have you noticed any difference in the speed?

  • Hi Jason - speed is good - hard to tell if it is exactly the same as with fresh install, but right now it is within normal "range". Probably taking 1-2 seconds to bring up the window.

  • @nwb403 ok that's a good sign, keep me up to date if anything changes or if you've seen any adverse affects from the relaxed option.

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