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Slow Popup Window



  • My problem is that the popup window (dropdown) appears quickly, but the actual content/calendars within the popup take a few seconds before they show up. It would be ideal if they were already there/cached as soon as the popup itself is displayed.

  • I'm not sure if I have the exact same issue or if it's different. But the popup is way too slow to type in and has been for many months now. I've got the problem both on Windows and OS X and reinstalling the extension makes no difference.

    But I do have a whole load of other extensions so I'm not ruling out another culprit here.

  • @RickVanHattem Some users said clearing cache/data helped the situation, if you could disable some of those other extensions and restart the browser may it could identify the culprit.

  • Well... I did a bunch of debugging but I'm not really getting anywhere to be honest.

    • I have cleared my browers' cache
    • I have restarted my browser after clearing the cache
    • I've disabled all other extensions
    • I've uninstalled the extension, restarted the browser and re-installed the extension

    No dice...

    So, to look a bit further I tried profiling the popup page from the developer console, and this is where it gets weird.

    If and only if I am profiling, everything works great and I can type as usual. If I open the console without the profiler enabled it stalls completely.

    As soon as I stop profiling, it stops working again...

  • That issue is on the Mac btw. The reinstalling and disabling + re-enabling all extensions did seem to have fixed the issue on the Windows machine.

  • After doing a "sample" on all chrome processes I was able to trace it back to some chrome files which were constantly being read/written in a loop. What seems to fix it for me was deleting all google cache files through the filesystem instead of through chrome itself.

    In short... for mac users: rm -rf ~/Library/Caches/Google/

  • @RickVanHattem Impressive, would you know which kind of files were constantly being accessed? was there any hint by their files names to what they could be related to?

  • Nothing useful unfortunately. All Chrome cache files have hashed names like these without an extension: Cache/11d19881168fc1ed_0

    I can tell you that when telling the javascript console to pause it was always consistently stopping in the autoSave() function so I'm guessing the IndexedDB was the culprit.

  • @RickVanHattem ok if the issue arises again can you force the latest version of Gmail extension with this https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Extension_Updates

    And go to the extension options .. admin .. test serialization. And send me the results.

  • I will. Thank you for the quick support as always

  • I am following-up on my Jan 21 comment: the extension is slow again, after about a month of daily use (I have removed the Google home page background so this is not the cause)

  • edited February 11

    @Wojtek Swiatek can you force the latest version of Gmail extension with this https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Extension_Updates

    And go to the extension options .. admin .. test serialization. And send me the results.

  • @Jason :

    0.045secs 0.004secs 0.013secs

    size: 52,000

    Let me know if I can help with anything else

  • @Wojtek Swiatek Hmm ok those times looks pretty normal, just to clarify are you experiencing the slowness right now or have you successfully fixed the issue before sending me those results.

  • Just to chime in since I'm having the same (delayed display of contents inside of a popup) issue with version 22.5.4. The "Test Serialization" results are: 3.102secs 0.099secs 0.229secs size: 190,393. Chrome version: 88.0.4324.150

  • @keith.bell @Wojtek Swiatek @Vlad Railian I've updated the test serialization in v22.5.4.1 if you can force the update https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Extension_Updates and do the test again (when you are experiencing the slow down) and send me the results it will help me narrow down the issue.

  • @Jason

    Here they are:

    accounts: 1








    size: 6,505

    One point though: I may have underestimated the speed the emails appear. They seem normal after all (they appear after a little less than one second after the windows pops up - so this is great compared to the 10 to 20 before)

  • @Wojtek Swiatek yeah thanks for pointing that out because these times look normal, so i presume the situation is currently ok for the speed, can you redo the test when the emails are slow again.

  • Here are my results with version v22.5.4.1

    accounts: 1








    size: 21,826

    The popup window draws quickly, however the display of the contents of the window takes about 11 seconds.

  • @Vlad Railian Ok good stuff we are getting closer, I've pushed yet another update to v22.5.4.2 you can force the update with: https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Extension_Updates

    and you must go into the extension Options .. Admin .. and checkmark "Log messages in Javascript Console"

  • Hi - I've updated to v22.5.4.2.

    After ~2 weeks it has become very slow (and unworkable). Pop up shows straight away, but takes a long time for accounts to show.

    Test results are:

    accounts: 3








    size: 215,610

  • edited February 17

    @nwb403 ok thanks, can you also go into the extension Options .. Admin .. and checkmark "Log messages in Javascript Console" and send me the background logs containing the logs for the "decrypt" times specifically https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Error_logs

    will look like this:

  • @nwb403 awesome, ok we are getting closer, can you execute these lines on the background console and send me the times:

    console.time(); await storage.get("_aesGcmIv"); console.timeEnd();

    console.time(); await storage.get("_aesGcmExportedKey"); console.timeEnd();

    console.time(); await storage.get("accounts"); console.timeEnd();

    console.time(); await storage.get("installDate"); console.timeEnd();

  • @nwb403 yes! Looks like we are narrowing it down to that 2nd line taking 296ms a bit too long, can you execute those 4 lines again just to confirm our results.

  • Sorry, that was all run at the same time, so maybe not clear which result is for which. Hold and I'll do again

  • I'm seeing that if I run aesGcmExportedKey again it runs faster

  • @nwb403 hmm that's leading me to conclude it's randomly happening when accessing the storage, making it difficult to determine the root cause. It's looking like an issue with indexeddb storage but i sadly have no other lead currently.

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