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Slow Popup Window



  • I too have been having this issue since August.

    System 1:

    Mac OS Mojave. Latest OS and browser updates. 6 Accounts

    System 2:

    Windows 10. Latest OS and browser updates. 2 Accounts

    System 3:

    Windows 7. Latest OS and browser updates. 1 Account. Only 2 other extensions installed. uBlock Origin and Dark Reader.

    As other commenters have noted, this issue seemed to start right after I got a notice about an extension update.

  • @Robert Schumacher Thanks for the details. Have you regularly been getting the notices of extension updates? should be about every 2 months.

  • @Robert Schumacher and what step resolves the issue temporarily, reinstall extension or restart of browser?

  • I have not tried reinstalling the extension. Restarting the browser or computer has no impact.

  • @Robert Schumacher Ok good, before reinstalling try the extension Options .. Admin .. Reset settings. I'm curious if that helps.

  • I clicked "SAVE OPTIONS". Then clicked "RESET SETTINGS TO DEFAULTS" and got an in page dialog saying "Storage blocked, but click OK to restart anyways". Should I click OK?

  • @Robert Schumacher Can you send me a screenshot of this storage blocked issue? maybe it's a lead.

  • @Robert Schumacher ok thanks, so that's already triggering a storage issue, can you see if you can change any option in the extension and then reload the option page to see if that setting was actually saved.

  • When I went ahead and clicked OK and clicked the Extension button I got this.

  • @Robert Schumacher That would be a different issue, are you using the auto-detect or manual add of accounts? https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Account_sign_in_methods

  • I am using auto-detect.

    After a little bit, clicking on the extension icon worked again. It is significantly better than before but still slow. I have restored my settings and is the same as before restoring my settings, still better but still slow.

  • @Robert Schumacher Are you using an external monitor? if so, can you see if moving the Chrome to your main screen resolves the slow popup window issue.

  • I am right now because my laptop screen is broken. But even before that it was still the same on the builtin screen.

  • @Robert Schumacher Can you make sure you have the latest Chrome for Mac, mine seems to mention v87.0.4280.67

  • @Jason I removed all other extensions and it's even slower now, it took about a minute to come up. Then I closed Chrome, deleted cache and cookies, ran ccleaner and it pops up right away now!! I will put my most valued extensions back now and let you know if one of them seems to trigger the slowness.

  • @PaulH Ok good debugging, just to clarify did you also remove and re-add Checker Plus during your cleanup?

  • I am 1 super minor revision behind you.

    Version 87.0.4280.66 (Official Build) (x86_64)

  • @Jason Thanks! No I didn't remove Checker Plus, however for some reason, before the problem was fixed, all my accounts stopped working and I had to re-add them. But that wasn't when it got fixed, it was later when I did the other things.

  • @PaulH Has it gotten back slow yet? @Jason my slowness slowly comes back and becomes real evident at the 2-week mark. It is definitely some type of memory usage/full/cache type problem. A delete, Chrome restart and re-add without doing anything else fixes it temporarily. Is there a way to have Checker clear it's cache or something?

  • @keith.bell You can try the Gmail extension Options .. Admin .. "Reset settings to default". That will clear everything saved in the extension and then restart it, let me know if that resolves the issue.

  • edited December 2020

    @keith.bell Hey I added even more timing logs in v22.5 can you force the extension update (https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Extension_Updates) and when the issue happens again can you send me the popup logs again like last time.

  • @Jason updated to 22.5. I have small amount of delay at the moment. Here is the inspection:


    common.js:4893 storage.init()

    popup.js:40 zoomfactor: 63.8701171875 ms

    common.js:1413 loadLocaleMessages: 0.176025390625 ms

    extensionCommon.js:28 vulcanized-polymer.js: 550.94091796875 ms

    extensionCommon.js:28 vulcanized-polymer2.js: 214.68603515625 ms

    common.js:1423 initAllAccounts: 1376.7568359375 ms

    popup.js:481 initUI: 1684.645751953125 ms

    popup.js:491 getBGObjects: 1759.067138671875 ms

    popup.js:1252 setting height

    105[Violation] Added non-passive event listener to a scroll-blocking <some> event. Consider marking event handler as 'passive' to make the page more responsive. See <URL>

    popup.js:4113 renderMails: 73.0439453125 ms

    popup.js:4113 renderMails: 0.0068359375 ms

    popup.js:4113 renderMails: 0.01708984375 ms

    popup.js:4113 renderMails: 0.00732421875 ms

    popup.js:4113 renderMails: 0.01123046875 ms

    popup.js:4113 renderMails: 0.008056640625 ms

    popup.js:4125 true y: 30 vph: 519

    popup.js:4113 renderMails: 21.314208984375 ms

    popup.js:4113 renderMails: 0.01611328125 ms

    popup.js:5356 renderAccounts: 1356.72998046875 ms

    popup.js:5482 init: 3465.030029296875 ms

  • @keith.bell Ok thanks it's a good baseline, let's see in a week which numbers increase. oh and did the "reset settings to default" work as a temporary solution?

  • i had the same problem, reinstalling helped

    gmail checker before reinstall: https://youtu.be/cf_G_kWEWDg

    gmail checker after reinstall: https://youtu.be/7grTtJpLM-Y

    I would not like the problem to reappear

    maybe it is due to the fact that I have ignored mailboxes? one of these contains 400 unread emails

  • I had the same issue about a month or so ago.

    After a trial-and-error approach, I managed to have the extension be quick again by removing the background theme I had in place.

    I did that by resetting the settings of the browser to "factory" defaults.

    It may very well be that the status is going to deteriorate with time as others have mentioned but the time correlation I might have had is that the problems started when I decided to decorate my Chrome home page with a theme (which I never had before)

  • @Jason

    I forgot to inspect the pop-up the last time before I reinstalled but here is the inspection now that the pop-up is starting to slow again:

    common.js:1399 initMisc

    common.js:4893 storage.init()

    popup.js:40 zoomfactor: 24.70703125 ms

    common.js:1413 loadLocaleMessages: 0.56103515625 ms

    extensionCommon.js:28 vulcanized-polymer.js: 429.866943359375 ms

    extensionCommon.js:28 vulcanized-polymer2.js: 148.794921875 ms

    common.js:1423 initAllAccounts: 1633.154052734375 ms

    popup.js:481 initUI: 1859.269775390625 ms

    popup.js:491 getBGObjects: 1943.857177734375 ms

    popup.js:1252 setting height

    123[Violation] Added non-passive event listener to a scroll-blocking <some> event. Consider marking event handler as 'passive' to make the page more responsive. See <URL>

    popup.js:4149 renderMails: 0.0078125 ms

    2popup.js:4149 renderMails: 0.005859375 ms

    popup.js:4149 renderMails: 0.005126953125 ms

    popup.js:4149 renderMails: 14.150146484375 ms

    popup.js:4149 renderMails: 0.010009765625 ms

    popup.js:4149 renderMails: 0.0048828125 ms

    popup.js:4149 renderMails: 0.005126953125 ms

    popup.js:4149 renderMails: 0.004150390625 ms

    popup.js:5398 renderAccounts: 1174.7412109375 ms

    popup.js:5524 init: 3553.946044921875 ms

  • @keith.bell ok that's some good details, it seems to be slow at the initAllAccounts and renderAccounts.

    2 things, try this 1st and Options .. Admin .. checkbox "Do not cache mail content" and restart the browser.

    if that doesn't can tell if this worked: Options .. Admin .. "Reset settings to default"

  • @Jason update. The checkbox "Do not cache mail content" did not work by itself. Then, I selected reset settings and received the error in the image I am attaching but that seemed to have worked as if I re-installed the extension. I will keep you posted.

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