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cannot open google calendar from calendar add on - error 400

hi there

when trying to open the google calendar from the calendar add on, I get an error message '400' ..




  • Can you send me a screenshot to give me context of what the page and url look like?

  • hi there

    sure. this is the result when i try to call the google calendar using the link in the add on

  • Are you signed into the Google Calendar website?

    What happens when you go here: https://calendar.google.com/

  • the same result when i press your link.

    but when i copy paste the link into the browser, it is working

  • edited June 2020

    Not sure I understand the difference between clicking this link and pasting it into your browser, but regardless this is a Google error, you might have to google it or try clearing your cache etc. or try in icognito mode and see if it works there.

    also try signing out and back into your google account.

  • hi there

    did another try ... after the error appears I just did reload the page with the link again... and it worked... the exact same link

    it seems the first call out of the add on is causing a kind of issue no 400

  • edited June 2020

    Try clearing your cookies, i found others on google forums with that error: https://support.google.com/mail/thread/16406405

  • ok. i am lost now... did try all of it but without success.. using my office laptop with synching google accounts, it works perfectly...

    so it seems to be a local laptop issue .

    guess I will stopp now as i dont have the technical skills to go further and anyway.. it will load the information after reloading the url..

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