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Notification Sound

Is there a way to set system notification sound?

When dnd mode is enabled in windows notifications are not shown but i still can hear sound.

Can notification sound be muted when windows dnd mode is enabled?

Thanks in advance


  • Hmm I don't think I can detect your OS, but you can also set a DND with the extension: https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Do_Not_Disturb

    I'll take note of this, however, for investigation.

  • Thanks! It would be very nice)

  • I would also really like this. I have a lot of my notifications customized (I'm on Windows 10). If I'm going into a Zoom meeting (and I often share my screen), all I gotta do is turn on Focus Assist built into Windows 10.

    Except for Checker Plus. It still makes noise, even when my computer has Focus Assist all the way on ("Alarms Only"). Using a schedule or using events to auto-trigger Checker Plus's DND wouldn't do it--my Zoom calls are random, and often.

    It actually look me awhile to figure out that it was Checker Plus being this one mystery notification I couldn't turn off. I've just set it to silence, and came to this forum looking for if it could (if it's even possible) respect Windows' Focus Assist.

  • Hey, just bumping this.

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