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Scrolling menu behind the following addresses with multiple accounts

edited June 25 in Checker Plus for Gmail

Bonjour Jason,

Je passe rapidement pour signaler un problème d'affichage du menu déroulant spécifique aux comptes, à savoir que lorsqu'il y a plusieurs comptes, le menu passe derrière les adresses suivantes.

Merci d'avance,

Sylvain Guidemann

Hi Jason,

I quickly pass to report a problem with displaying the account-specific scrolling menu, that is, when there are multiple accounts, the menu passes behind the following addresses.

Thank you in advance,

Sylvain Guidemann


  • Yeah this might be related to a specific skin or theme.

    Can you indicate which skins and themes you have enabled?

    Can you try removing some until you see which is the culprit.

    I know for a dark theme I had to create a specific one just to handle that "dropdown fix"

  • SylSyl
    edited June 25

    Après test, il s'agirait de l'effet Reavel image with blur :

    After testing, it would act of the effect Reavel image with blur :

  • Ok good info, that will help me find a solution, in the meantime if there is particular hidden menu item in the dropdown then you can try scrolling the whole popup window to offset the menu.

  • SylSyl
    edited June 25

    Oh but that’s what I do anyway, it’s just that it gets a little annoying after a while. 😉

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